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Discover how YOU too can get paid to bring the power of video to small businesses! Local Video Academy will show you how!

A Special Message from Brandon Lucero...

I get it. Business is tough when you're not doing it the right way.

If you're like most, you feel trapped spending most of your day either chasing down new customers or swamped with existing client work.

This leaves you stuck.

You either don't have enough time or enough money in order to breathe. So, if you're like most, you just keep working. You work harder and longer, hoping that someday it will change.

"If I just get caught up... it will change." "If I just work weekends... it will change."

So... how's that working out?


I believe, if we don't do something radically different, things won't ever change. If we don't shift the way we see our business and our services, we will continue to get the results we've always gotten.

I know this, because for years I struggled myself. I'd constantly put in 12-14 hour days proving to the world that I deserved it, but I never had the money to pay rent or provide for my family.

Today, things are quite different.

I believe business is simple. Not just for me, but for you as well.

The two BIG problems that 99% of all business owners face: not enough clients and not enough time to figure out how to get them.

In short: Time & Money.

And when you can provide a done-for-you service that solves both of those problems, you can get paid handsomely for it.

Today, I solve those problems by offering Video Marketing Services to my clients.

And here's my dirty little secret...

Since online video is such a hot topic, and practically no one knows HOW to use it, my services practically sell themselves!

Here's why you should be paying closer attention to Online Video as well...

Why Video?

YouTube is the world's 3rd largest website, and is owned by Goolge!

Ranking a YouTube video can be 50 times easier than ranking a web page!

When a YouTube video is listed on the first page of Google, it stands out above all search results with its visual thumbnail!

Your paying clients want front page exposure! YouTube is the easiest way to do it!

The average Facebook user spends 30% of their time on Facebook watching videos.



Video + Local + You

Although business owners KNOW that video is essential... it's also the last thing they want to do themselves! It's too complicated, too confusing, too time-consuming!

This is what I call The Video Paradox and it creates a GAP where your services as a Local Video Agency are now in high-demand!

In fact, many of my students admit that not only is it easier to close clients on "video services," but their video results have yielded more referrals and additional business.

So, the Demand is there. And chances are, no one in your hometown is doing anything remotely like this...

So, here's how this whole Local Video thing works...


"Because of Local Video Academy, We added over 50k of additional gross revenue in 2015!

When I came across Brandon and LVA, I was searching for additional value I could add to local businesses and existing clients. 2017 is shaping to increase our revenue 5x by adding local video marketing to our services. The program is laid out so simply that my daughter in 7th grade has even helped me. I wanna give a huge thanks and shoutout to LVA and Brandon. Here's to an amazing 2017!"

-Jonathan Searle


The Local Video Method is as easy as 1... 2... 3!

Follow the Process & Get PAID!

Master the Three Key Areas of Local Video Marketing


The Art of Selling Systems

It’s a myth that you have to be a GREAT salesperson to be successful. In fact, I am actually huge introvert.

The secret to building a thriving business is creating systems and processes that target, qualify, and attract the right type of clients that will happily pay your premium prices.

When you have a product that gets proven results, your service sells itself. And inside Local Video Academy, I’ll show you EXACTLY how to close +$2,000 deals without actually having to sell!


Easy Video Creation

You may be a professional videographer... or you may be a "video dunce!" It doesn't matter. Here's why... as a Local Video Agency, you're not creating award-winning videos. You're creating videos that simply get results. And that means your videos follow a simple template, script, and formula. A template I give you inside the program.

And the best part... I show you EXACTLY how to outsource the ENTIRE Video-Making Process!


Rank & Promote Like a Pro!

When you get your clients' videos ranked on the first page of Google, you're providing incredible value for them! You're getting them massive exposure and the opportunity for new business on a daily basis.

“Thank you for creating LVA! It is by far the BEST investment I’ve ever made in an online course. It paid for itself within a couple months (my first sale) and enabled me to grow a successful online business from SCRATCH. I can’t THANK YOU enough for my thriving business!

What I love best about LVA is that you created it from running your own successful business, breaking it down and teaching what works NOW. LVA is a solid business model because it is current and relevant. I especially appreciate that the content is updated to address changes in technology so my investment will continue to be of value long after the initial purchase.

It’s just nice to know I’m not alone in this effort. Your sincere commitment to the success of your students is evident throughout the course content!

You’re an awesome teacher and your enthusiasm is infectious. Knowing you have our back gave me the confidence to put myself out there and succeed.”

- Landi Morgan

Learn From the Industry’s TOP Local Video Authority!

Brandon Lucero

Brandon is the Founder of Sold With Video, a video marketing company that has produced over 10,000 local video ads, hundreds of page-1 rankings, and multiple 6-figure profits.

He has worked with Carl Daikeler (CEO of BeachBody), James Wedmore,, Scripps, Tribune Newspapers (Los Angeles Times), and KHS professional Cycling team.

In the beginning of 2014, Brandon created Local Video Academy, THE Premier Training Program that teaches people how to build a profitable local video marketing agency.

To date, his teachings have impacted the lives of thousands of students around the world. Brandon lives in California with his high school sweetheart, now wife, and their son who he loves more than anything in the world.


Your Complete Video-Making, Video-Ranking, & Client-Attracting Training Program Designed To Show You How To Build Your Local Video Agency Quickly and Easily!

So What Exactly is Local Video Academy?

Local Video Academy is a Complete Digital Video Training Program that walks you through the exact steps of creating and growing a profitable Local Video Agency so you can get paid to make marketing videos for local business owners.

How Does

Local Video Academy Work?


Virtual Video Training

Get instant access to our library of simple-to-follow instructional videos. No need to wait for “weekly content!” You’ll get instant access to ALL of the training so you can start wherever and jump around as needed.


The Resources and Supporting Documents

Everything from swipe files, sales scripts, process maps and more is included to help make your life as an entrepreneur a little easier!


Lifetime Access. Once a Member ALWAYS a Member!

Local Video Academy is a program that is always improving to bring faster, easier and better results. Any time the course is updated with new tatics you will ALWAYS get FREE unlimited acccess to those updates!

The Curriculum

Local Video Academy is made up of 10 Modules of step-by-step video training.

Module #1:

Finding the RIGHT Businesses to Attract

  • Identify the 10 Go-To industries and niches Brandon and his students use and recommend!

  • Discover the one secret Brandon uses to make selling 10x easier when approaching new businesses!

  • This Module is PACKED with 2 full training videos and resources!

Module #2:

Grafting Your Irresistible Video Offers!

  • Learn EXACTLY how to put together the right video packages that your clients will pay top dollar for!

  • Use Brandon’s simple pricing formula for identifying HOW much to charge so you get the "YES!"

  • Plus, learn how to add upsells and backend offers to increase revenue!

  • This Module is PACKED with 5 full training videos and resources!

Module #3:

Your Local Marketing Game Plan

  • Get a BIG PICTURE map of the entire Local Video Marketing Strategy!

  • Discover how to get a leg up on your competitors so you stand out from the crowd!

  • This Module is PACKED with 3 full training videos and resources!

Module #4:

Getting Your First Client

  • Discover the simple steps to attracting and closing your first high-paying client!

  • How to get the "YES!" even if you have no previous experience or clients!

  • This Module is PACKED with 9 full training videos and resources!

Module #5:

Fulfilling Your Orders: Invoicing And Billing

  • From invoicing, billing, and collecting payment, discover exactly WHAT to do after you make the sale to get paid upfront!

  • Plus, learn what to do if a client doesn't pay.

  • This Module is PACKED with 3 full training videos and resources!

Module #6:

Fulfilling Your Orders: Creating Client Videos

  • Even if you’ve never picked up a camera in your life, you’ll discover the simple steps to creating POWERFUL client videos that get results!

  • Learn how to make compelling videos that convert with simple-to-follow scripts and templates.

  • This Module is PACKED with 7 full training videos and resources!

Module #7:

Fulfilling Your Orders: Running Paid Ads

  • Discover how to get your clients results even quicker with inexpensive paid video ads!

  • Learn how to craft profitable Facebook and YouTube Ad Campaigns that CONVERT!

  • This Module is PACKED with 10 full training videos and resources!

Module #8:

Fulfilling Your Orders: How To Rank

  • Learn the simple steps to ranking your clients’ videos at the top of YouTube and Google for geographically targeted keywords!

  • This Module is PACKED with 10 full training videos and resources!

Module #9:

Scaling Your Business: Advanced Client Getting Strategies

  • It’s time to scale and grow! Take an in-depth look at Brandon's own business to learn how he is attracting and closing even more clients on autopilot!

  • How to use Paid Ads, Funnels, webinars, and more to attract clients that pay your premium prices!

  • This Module is PACKED with 9 full training videos and resources!

Module #10:

Scaling Your Business: Starting and Growing Your Team

  • Learn how to "let go" of all the hard work so you can focus on what you do best!

  • Discover the simple processes for finding the right people to do everything from video work to ranking and more!

  • This Module is PACKED with 3 full training videos and resources!

PLUS! Get Instant Access to $2,994 in Additional Bonuses!


The ULTIMATE Resource & Template Library ($1,997)

Don’t re-invent the wheel! We’ve done all the heavy work for you! Get Instant Access to all the forms, contracts, templates and more, including:

  • Client Video Scripts

  • YouTube Upload Checklist

  • YouTube Optimization Checklist

  • Outsourcing Resources & Processes

  • Client Contracts

  • Team Contracts

  • Invoice Templates & More!


Outsourcing Course by James Wedmore ($997)

One of my good friends, James Wedmore, has created an outsourcing course for all the members of Local Video Academy so you don't have to run your business by yourself. Learn how a 7-Figure business owner uses outsourcing to run his business so he is in control and makes more with less time.


50% Off Access To Brandon's Editing Team

I understand how scary it can be to make sure you create the BEST and MOST effective videos for your clients especially if you don't have any video editing expereince. That why I am giving you access to my team to edit your videos for you at 50% off what I normally charge clients for editing. We have your back!


Local Video Academy 3.0 (Releasing in 2018)

We are always working on creating new tatics, strategies, methods and giving you the newest training. As I grow my business I want to share with you what we are doing and in 2018 we will be updating Local Video Academy with new tatics, strategies and methods and you GET IT FOR FREE with this bonus!

AND! If You Pay In FULL You Get The Most Valauable BONUS Worth an Additional $1,997!


"How To Get The YES" Sales Training Online Bootcamp ($1997)

If you're afriad to talk to business owners... let alone sell them, then this bonus is FOR YOU! Over the years I've learned how to close business owners pretty easily BUT Michael Alaniz is one of the BEST local marketers I've seen. In fact, he gets business owners to pay him for the meetings where he sells his services! He has agreed to team up with me (Brandon Lucero) to bring you "How To Get The YES" from business owners. (REMEMEBER, this bonus is only available to the members who pay in full.)

Enrollment into Local Video Academy is just 4 installments of $297

(OR you can PAY IN FULL and save $191 & get your FREE ticket the "How To Get The YES"! training.) The most important thing you'll realize when you become a Local Video Academy member is that building the business that gives you the freedom you want IS possible!


Inside Local Video Academy, I'm committed to YOU. When you join, you don’t just get content, you become part of something bigger... you get access to EVERYTHING I am doing and continue to do. Any and all NEW tips, tactics, methods, etc will be added into the course for you!

I'm not a "guru" who is too busy driving fancy cars to give my students the support they need. When you join Local Video Academy, I've got your back!

Unlimited Access

This training is completely online which means you are just minutes away from having complete access. And you can access it any time you and as much as you want.

Outsource Training

You shouldn't be working more to make more and we have you covered inside the course with every outsourcing training you'll need.

Brandon’s Complete Resource Library

Everything from swipe files, REAL Examples, Templates, and more are available to use!

Lifetime Access with Updates

Brandon will continue to update the content, training and information, and you get access to all of these updates!

Your Investment
into Local Video Academy

How much is enrollment into Local Video Academy?

Although I’ve spent years stumbling through trial and error to perfect the right video and ranking strategies, I want my dedicated students to get the right training and the right results FAST.

I wanted to create something that would be the only program you ever need for local video marketing. From getting clients, to making videos to getting them ranked and promoted... it’s ALL included.

Plus, it’s all designed to help you focus on one thing: Get your FIRST high-paying client in little time.

You can get FULL, instant access to Local Video Academy and all the bonuses today for just $997. BUT this price goes away and the doors close soon!

Your LAST Time Enroll in Local Video Academy at This Price Is July. 28th at 11:59pm PST.

Let’s Recap Everything You’re Getting with Your Investment into the Local Video Academy Online Training System:

4 x $297 Option

$997 Option

Full Training Course Including All Modules, Videos and Downloads

Over 10 Hours of Detailed Video Training

The Ultimate Resource & Template Library

24/7 Lifetime Access and Updates

50% Off Access To Brandon's Editing Team

Outsourcing Cure Course by James Wedmore

Your $191 Discount!

Getting the BONUS Sales "Get The YES" Training


4 x $297


Add To Cart Add To Cart

I Invite You

Simply Let Me Know

You have 60 Days from your original purchase date to decide if Local Video Academy is right for you.When you invest, I invite you to go through all the training, the videos, the resources, and when you implement everything in the course and don't get a single client within 60 days, simply let me know. Email our support team at and I’ll refund 100% of your investment immediately!

This is my commitment to you. I want there to be NO RISK whatsoever when you decide to enroll and join the community!

...or click here to pay in full & save!

Who is Local Video Academy For?

The Local Marketer

If you already own a Local Marketing Agency and just want to learn how to add Video SEO services to your product offerings.

The Video Expert

If you have an eye for making videos
(maybe you are a wedding videographer, or passionate film maker) and you’re looking for a way to monetize those skills, serving local businesses is the answer.

The Dedicated Entrepreneur

If you feel distracted and disappointed by numerous “opportunities” to start your own business, and you’re looking for a FOCUSED, PROVEN path to building a business on your terms, Local Video Academy is for you!

Who Local Video Academy
is Not For?

Get-Rich-Quick Opportunity Seekers

This is not a Get-Rich-Quick Program. There is no ATM that spits out money magically. And if there is... this is certainly not it. This is a business.

Lazy or Dishonest People

This takes work! It’s a REAL business. Don’t even think about joining our community if you think you can start getting results without any real work or dedication. And if you’re out to screw over other business owners, this is NOT the program for you!

Enroll in Local Video Academy Today

Before the Doors Close July 28th

4 x $297 Option

$997 Option

Full Training Course Including All Modules, Videos and Downloads

Over 10 Hours of Detailed Video Training

The Ultimate Resource & Template Library

24/7 Lifetime Access and Updates

50% Off Access To Brandon's Editing Team

Outsourcing Cure Course by James Wedmore

Your $191 Discount!

Getting the BONUS Sales "Get The YES" Training


4 x $297


Add To Cart Add To Cart

“Local Video Academy has changed my life.

After going through the course and getting some guidance, I closed $14,000 in sales in the first two weeks and my revenue hasn’t stopped growing since then.”

- Andy Ryan

“Local Video Academy has been one of the most positive experiences I have had! In just a couple of weeks of learning the basics, I landed my first client, and soon after that my second and my income continues to grow.

Brandon is an awesome mentor and teacher! If you are looking to enhance what you already know; or want to start a new career; or a second career then start with LVA! The encouragement in the group and the personal touch Brandon provides makes the leap from Video Marketing zero to Video Marketing hero attainable in short order.

I think that is what sets him apart from "just teaching" and actually elevating him to the status of a mentor. He cares! Come teachable, commit to making it work, and you will succeed.”

- Greg Falicia

“The bonuses I got in the course were worth it alone!

We also learned about sales funnels and we decided to run a promotion for our services and within 24-48 hours we already have a return on our investment in the course.”

- Derek Lau

“Before taking this course I was looking for a job. I decided to build my business full-time and I was able to close $6,000 in contracts with my clients within the first 2 months.

Brandon's guidance and training answered all my questions. This is the best course out there on video marketing that can get you real results and helps you not only in business, but as a person too.”

- Julia Vorontsova

“This course has given me the confidence and tools to walk into a business, sell them a service, AND stick to the proposal price.

“I want to give a big THANK YOU to Brandon! I just closed a $4,000 deal with an auto-body shop. You guys showed me how to have a ‘the price is the price take it or leave’ stance with my business, and not lowering the price just to close the deal!”

- Adrian Blevins

“I picked up this $2,000 check today as an installment for creating videos with a new client!!

The second payment comes after creation is completed. This wasn’t a result from one of the techniques in the course, but rather a DIRECT result of the confidence I am gaining from Brandon and the course.”

- Michelle Haugen Duplechan

“Because of your course, I ranked first page of Google and YouTube within 3 hours! I’m convinced I can do this. It REALLY works!!

The best decisions I’ve ever made, and this course has changed my life. You always go the extra mile and have helped me gain the confidence I need to succeed. Thanks a million.”

- Brenda Petty

“I am a video producer in Surrey, England (UK). I attended your webinars, and just purchased your course.

I was afraid the strategies just weren’t going to work when it came to implementing them. Well I have been proven WRONG! I followed the training, and I have just landed my first corporate client at $2,172.62!! I can’t believe it!!”

- Scott Paterson

Local Video Academy is a Digital Video Training Portal. Your purchase includes FULL, INSTANT Access with Lifetime Updates to all of the material. 60-day guarantee.

60-Day Money Back Guarantee

I stand by my products. I want you to experience ZERO RISK when choosing me as your coach & teacher, and therefore, I offer a 100% money-back guarantee when you implement everything in this course and don't get a single customer within 60 days.

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